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Your radio station for the Masters of Wisdom
Radio Partage is dedicated to the Masters of Wisdom and the civilisation of sharing they advocate for humanity. 

Radio Partage is hosted by readers of Partage international magazine. 

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Partage International is the French version of the English monthly magazine Share International... Read more 

Founder of Share International magazine, Benjamin Creme (1922-2016) began studying art at an early age, developing into an accomplished painter... Read more

Transmission is a group meditation at the service of humanity... Read more

Disclaimer – Radio Partage broadcasts interventions that seem to express values in convergence with its own. However, not all the speakers necessarily adhere to B. Creme's statements regarding the presence of the Masters of Wisdom or the esoteric ideas associated with them. 
The different speakers express themselves under their own responsibility and do not commit Radio Partage in any way. If, in a spirit of cooperation, the editorial staff mentions links to other sites, it is in no way responsible for their content. 
We sometimes rebroadcast programs produced by third parties, with their kind permission, such as: Fréquence Evasion KcmotalkradioLtu Osmose Radio Pacifique FM ; Psychosophie Radio Ici et Maintenant Radio Mega Radio Spi Rdwa ; Ron Van Dam RadioShare on the Air Radio America.

Share international
Monthly magazine 
To keep abreast of the Emergence of the Masters of Wisdom and understand its impact on world events. 

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Books by Benjamin Creme 
If these programmes have been of interest to you, Benjamin Creme's books are a great way to get a deeper insight into the subject.

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Activities proposed by readers of Partage international magazine.  
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- Radio programmes covering miscellaneous topics with an eclectic music programme...
We broadcast - Legal notices
We broadcast radio programmes and conferences by Benjamin Creme, founder of Partage international magazine
Programmes dedicated to the Emergence of the Masters of Wisdom hosted by readers of Partage international magazine. 
Some of these programmes have been aired on other stations such as :  
- IDFM (Enghien) - The Great Approach 
- RIM (Paris) - Health and Spirituality
Radio Partage is hosted by readers of Partage International magazine. 
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Our programmes and conferences are recorded. Please disregard places and dates. 
Thank you for your understanding...

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